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What is, is this free?

Enjoy exclusive YouTube videos as well as movies on your device anytime. Youtube allows the users to instantly stream video and also you can download videos for offline watches. Visit and activate youtube to get access to a selection of millions of videos.

Is YouTube free?

Youtube is free for all users. You only need a Gmail account to login to your YouTube account and an activation code to activate the device at YouTube also offer their premium services for the users who want to stream their videos ad-free. For this, they need to purchase a premium subscription account of YouTube.

Download and Install YouTube

Follow these steps to download and install youtube on your device for activation: • First of all, go to the app store of your device
• After that find the Youtube application and click on It.
• Now you reach the information page.
• Here find the “Download” button and click on it.
• This will start the downloading process.
• After downloading locate the application at the home page of the device.
• Launch the device to confirm that the application is installed perfectly.

Activation of YouTube on your device

The following are the step by step instructions to Activate Youtube on your device. Follow them step-wise for the successful procedure:
• Install and download the YouTube application by following the steps stated in the previous section.
• Now grab an internet-enabled device and visit using a web browser.
• Make sure your device is connected with the internet.
• Enter the activation code on the blank boxes available on the screen and click on “Register my device”.
• Your account will be activated successfully and you will be able to access YouTube on your device. 

Where to get the YouTube activation code?

If you are on the activation process then you must have an activation code for entering it at To get the activation code to follow the below stated steps:
• Open the YouTube application that you have installed on your device • Now go to the settings and click on the “Sign-In” button
• You will be redirected to a sign-in page
• Enter your YouTube account username and password to sign in.
• You will be redirected to a new screen.
• On this screen, you will find the activation code for your device.
• Copy and paste this activation code on your notepad for later use.
• Now with the help of steps in the previous section of the blog register your device with

Keep in mind that the activation code is different for different devices. To access YouTube on another device you need to follow the same steps with that device’s activation code.

What device YouTube can be streamed?

Here is the list of eligible devices on which you can stream youtube videos:
• SmartPhones (iOS and Android)
• Apple TV 4K
• Laptops and Tablets
• Gaming Consoles
• Streaming Players like Roku
• Smart TVs


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